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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 6, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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good morning to you and thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. we begin with now details this morning in that security breach at mineta san jose international airport. a woman was able to get on to a plane without a ticket. while that stowaway is in jail, the question now is how was she able to get through security screening. nbc bay area's bob redell is live at san jose. bob, the airport maintains that there was never really any risk to the public. >> and, kris, we spoke with the airport within the past couple of hours, and they are contending that this was not a security breach. yes, they acknowledged that on monday, that this woman, a
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60-year-old woman named marilyn hartman, was able to get past the tsa document checker on the second floor of terminal "b" without an airline ticket, but said she also did have to go through the security screening process, where she was scanned for prohibited items. >> safety was not compromised in any way, because the passenger did undergo screening by tsa officials. >> reporter: once passed the security checkpoint, hartman made it over to the boarding gate for a southwest airlines flight to l.a.x., was somehow able to board that flight without a ticket. once on the ground in l.a., the flight attendant did a head count for a continuing flight to phoenix, and that's when they realized hartman did not belong. she was taken into custody and held on $500 bail. this is the third time this year that she's been able to get through airport security without an airline ticket. the first few times at sfo. monday's breach here at norman
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mineta was reportedly the first time she was able to get on an actual flight. >> this was not a security breach, the passenger was screened for prohibited items. what is being investigated by tsa and the southwest airlines representative is how she was able to get onboard that flight without an airline ticket. >> sometimes it doesn't scan properly. so they're just kind of, oh, go ahead, go ahead. it's a little bit lax, sometimes i think people get complacent, but sounds like she just got lucky. three times, she's got her system down. there's got to be more people like that out there. >> reporter: sjt says it's cooperating with the investigation. the tsa says it's modified the document screening process here at the airport in order to prevent this from happening again. now, this is the second major breach at norman mineta earlier this year. you may recall earlier this year, a teenager stowed away in a wheel well on a flight from
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here and hawaii, mistakenly thinking that flight was headed to somalia. they have been working with the national state skies alliance that helps airports use new technologies to improve security, but, of course, it costs money, and mineta san jose international airport along with other airports right now are trying to pressure congress to increase the passenger fee from $4.50 to $8.50, so they can fund better security. reporting live here at norman mine mineta, bob redell,. >> even if they don't call it a security breach, if she was able to do it, someone nefarious could do it too. thanks, bob. there may be the scratch and dent sale at a concord dealership after a driver flew off the freeway and smashed into a parking lot, totaling several brand-new cars for sale. that crash happened just before 3:00 this morning at an infinity dealership, just off of interstate 680 in concord. as stephanie chuang shows us, this is not the first time this has happened at that dealership.
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>> reporter: good morning. the driver doing fine, cleared a to the hospital this morning, but arrested, suspected of driving under the influence as he lost control of his car, coming up the northbound 680 on-ramp here on burnette avenue. you can see where he lost control, hitting the dirt, over the ditch, into the chain link fence here. and plummeting into two parked cars here at the infinity dealership, where you see the back of this g-37 completely wrecked. in fact, part of the driver's bumper still left on the ground. and a messy scene and a loud one when chp arrived, as well. the honda sedan flipped over to the right, hazards flashing, horn blaring. the car was righted and chp able to clear the scene in about an hour and left around 4:15 this morning. the driver, a young man, appeared to be fine, as he sat in the back of an ambulance, talking with paramedics. again, though, arrested on suspected of driving under the influence. now, we spoke with a technician
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here at the dealership who says this is the second time that someone was crashed in this area in less than a year. >> in the ten years i've been here, i would say on the average of a wet month, prior to the signs going up, we had as many as 14 in a month, sometimes three or four in one day. >> reporter: of cars crashing here? >> not crashing into the fence, but just spinning out. whether they would take down the signs, land in the bushes across the street, or just keep going. sometimes their wheels are bent underneath and their bumpers are hanging off and they just keep driving. >> they roughed up the road so i guess you have better traction going around that corner there. but before, people would lose it wherever it rained. >> reporter: and as the gentleman mentioned, weather being a part of the equation for some of the previous crashes. it was raining overnight here in the concord area. not sure if that contributed to this crash. looking at the wreckage, this is a pre-owned, certified pre-owned g-37 here, worth $29,000. in concord, stephanie chuang,
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nbc bay area news. and turning now to our microclimate forecast, where we've seen rain for a second straight day. here's a live look over san jose, where the raindrops are going, but are they going to return? meteorologist rob mayeda, this is a rare summer storm. >> rare for this time of year, late july, august. normally the driest for the bay area. that hasn't been the case the last couple of days. right now, we're in the 70s, but rain totals very impressive. the north bay, almost under a quarter inch of rain. enough to wet the ground in parts of the east bay. earlier again this morning, that system that brought us the rain for your morning commute, now driving down the central coast, as we transition to a pattern that's going to take the showers out of the forecast, partly cloudy skies, like we're seeing right now. temperatures today, climbing into the 70s and 80s, but as this pattern begins to change, we're going to get a taste of some valley heat coming back to the seven-day forecast. so the rain has moved on, temperatures on the rise. have a look at that seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, rob.
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a south bay congressman wants to ban the purchase and possession of body armor for anyone other than law enforcement or members of the military. at a press conference this morning, mike honda introduced the responsible body armor possession act that would ban body armor like this, anything considered type iii and above. honda says the legislation was born of shootings like the 2012 aurora, colorado, massacre, where the gunman was wearing a ballistic helmet, vest, leggings, protection around his throat and groin, and tactical gloves. honda also cited the 1997 shoot-out between two armed bank robbers and los angeles police, which he says lasted a lot longer because those gunmen were wearing body armor. >> 32 officers were trying to take down one shooter and he had taken 27 shots into the body clip, because he had the body armor. >> reporter: congressman honda is introducing the bills during the congressional break and while he is running for
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re-election. this morning, fire crews rushed to knock down a fire at a senior assisted living center in san jose. they were able to keep those flames contained to the office building of willow glen's atria center which was mempty at the time. the fire started around 5:00 on top of the reaoof and reached t attic. none of the residents at the senior living center was in danger. south bay police say they have arrested the man who used a rock and a shovel to break into a home in san jose's cambria neighborhood. david pirstrap was arrested after a different burglary last week. he's the same man seen in this surveillance video lobbing a rock through someone's window. police think he may be linked to other burglaries in santa clara county. the fbi is now involved in the investigation into the vandalism of a berkeley grocery
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store. someone threw a rock through the store windows at star grocery on claremont last week. a posting on a website called direct action criticizes star meats and calls the sale of meat murder. it also says the window damage is part of a window smashing campaign which started last year. the owners and regulars at star grocery say this is an unfair attack. >> we'll have a big barbecue when these people are caught. >> it's just a shame. this is a neighborhood treasure and there's no reason to throw rocks through this window. there's a lot of other ways to protest and we love this store. >> it did cost $1,300 to replace those windows. there are no security cameras at the store right now, but agents say they do have some leads. leaders of israel and hamas are finally talking, albeit, indirectly, trying for a longer lasting peace in gaza.
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today is the second day of a three-day cease-fire in a war that's gone on for a month. some details are now emerging about hamas' negotiating points, including an internationally funding reconstruction of gaza, which would be overseen by a palestinian unity government. well, it is inspiring video. dozens of strangers together, making a push to help one man who is trapped. it happened today in perth, australia. surveillance video shows the man suddenly slip, his leg becomes trapped between the platform and the commuter train. first, a passenger motions the station worker for help, but then everyone arrives in mass and together they tilt that train until that man can free his leg. >> really hard to find an incident like this when everyone pitched in. i mean, there's 50, 60 people, all pitching in, men, women, and children. push the train back to help someone who's in a bit of trouble. >> not only was the man not hurt, but train officials say he
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was able to catch the next train out, hopefully after he said thank you. new at 11:00, it is official, hockey is coming to levl lel levi stadium. hours ago, they posted this video to their website, announcing they'll host the san jose kings on february 21st. it will be the first time for outdoor hockey in the bay area. sharks and kings season ticket holders and levi stadium seat license holder s can buy ticket tomorrow. ticket info for the general public will be revealed soon. an all-time low. scathing approval ratings on capitol hill. we'll show you how this could shake up this year's election. plus, could a tropical storm put a damper on meteorologist christina loren's wedding.
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welcome back. an embattled gun shop in los gatos is now closed. according to the town manager, templar sports notified los gatos, it is moving out of town, although it did not specify where. templar sports became a flashpoint between business owners and some los gatos residents, who did not want a gun store in town. the los gatos council now has a moratorium on any new firearms dealers in los gatos. the san jose police department is apologizing, saying it really should have told the public about the purchase of a drone, and now the department is promising greater transparency in the future. sjpd was hit with widespread criticism after it was revealed that they purchased the drone last week. the department addressed privacy concerns, saying it will only be
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used by the bomb squad, though it will be acceptable to other bay area agencies. the department says there will be community outreach before that drone is used. right now, that drone is grounded, waiting for clearance from the faa. people in the south bay will soon have to travel a bit farther for their day in court. come october, the traffic small claims and civil divisions in morgan hill and palo alto will close. more than 50 courthouses statewide are being shut down. those closures in the south bay will save $2 million a year, but many question at what cost to justice. >> getting rid of cross-examination. there's any number of ways to be more efficient at what we do, but it's not justice. and when we look at efficiencies and look hard every day, we also have to balance, where's the justice? >> bottom line, south county and peninsula residents will have to travel to santa clara or san jose for civil and small claims cases as well as traffic court.
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santa clara county leaders are moving forward with their plan to give unaccompanied immigrant children a safe place to stay. yesterday, immigration reform advocated held a news conference, urging the board of supervisors to put a system in place to support undocumented children who have arrived in the country alone. the plan would give children temporary housing with host families or in community groups. thousands of children who cross the border illegally to escape violence in latin america are being held in detention centers in texas and southern california. turns out americans are fed up with the antics in washington. a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll found 60% of people are not happy with the state of the u.s. economy. 70% of people think the country is headed in the wrong direction while 80% think the country's political system is messed up. people are also frustrated with president obama. his approval rating has hit an all-time low at 40%. but that's nothing compared to
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congress, which has just a 14% approval rating. republicans, not faring well, just a 19% approval rating, compared to the democrat's 31%. 71% of americans think that the country's economic problems are the result of washington's inability to get things done. right now, a pair of hurricanes are barreling towards the hawaiian islands and people there are bracing for the worst. overnight, julio strengthened from a tropical storm to a hurricane, although forecasters say it could end up missing the islands altogether. meantime, hurricane yasel is expected to make landfall tomorrow, but is expected to weaken to a tropical storm. many people not taking any chances, already rushing to stores to stock up on supplies, like batteries, flashlights, and water. our own christina loren is in hawaii for her wedding as we speak. she tweeted out this photo from a store. you can see some shelves are already empty. you can take the meteorologist
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out of the studio, but you cannot take the storm out of the meteorologist. both storms forcing airlines to waive some of their fees. travelers can change their reservation for free. this applies to anyone who was planning to fly to the islands between now and next tuesday. every bride wants a beautiful storm-free day. >> well, if you're a meteorologist and have got two hurricanes coming -- but, some good news in the forecast there for both christina and others heading out to hawaii for the next few days. let's show you the view across the pacific. as you can see, coming up, we have those hurricanes spinning out towards hawaii. iselle weakened considerably overnight. but in the last three to six hours, the eye kind of disappeared, but now there's a bit of an eye wall reemployment cycle. the eye starting to reform. but by the time it reaches hawaii, we think it will weaken considerably. we'll have the latest on that
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coming up in a minute. right now, temperatures around the bay area warming up pretty quickly. you can so ethe 24-hour temperature change, skies clearing, temperatures much warmer than yesterday, 10 to 15 degrees warmer, in fact, for parts of the bay area right how, as the cloud cover moves on, taking the showers with it, we can see gradually going from these showers to outright sunshine in the forecast here over the next couple of days, as we watch the moisture move on. any chances of showers, maybe the hilltops there in the north bay, late this afternoon with some instability showers, but that's going to be about it for our weather. from here, high pressure builds in, and we will see those temperatures on the rise. for now, keeping an eye on those hurricanes in the pacific, heading towards hawaii. one hurricane, it will be iselle, that will have the chance of hitting the big island, probably by about 5:00 in the morning our time on friday. right now, a category 1 hurricane, still tracking off to the west. and by the time we get into, let's say, friday, 2:00 a.m. hawaii time, friday morning, that's when it will cross the big island with 60-mile-per-hour winds. and continue on, moving away from the islands. and also, the other hurricane
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you saw, julio there, should curve away and hook to the north of the hawaiian islands. that is the forecast plot for this storm, as we put this into motion, you'll notice, here are the hawaiian islands, the storm veering off to the north at the last succeed. hopefully good news with that second storm. today in the bay area, 80s around san jose, low 70s closer to san francisco, into the north bay, we'll see highs in the low 80s around santa rosa and the temperatures around the tri-valley with clearing skies. upper 80s for you today, and we'll see 90s in range. as we get into the weekend, saturday and sunday, livermore, seeing those highs climbing into the low to mid-90s. the showers are gone, sunshine is back, and the heat will be back for parts of the tri-valley for the weekend. >> an historic day for space exploration. the rosetta spacecraft has made contact with a comet ten years. it was launched in 2004. it will accompany the comet on
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its trip around the sun and rand a probe on it later this year. the complex maneuver is unprecedented, but scientists believe it will unlock a wealth of knowledge. scientists don't expect to make any sensational discoveries on the comet, like alien life, but they do hope that tests might reveal clues about our solar system dating back millions of years. how about some lunch for just a quarter? we'll tell you where and when we'll meet you, coming up next.
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a live look at sgt park this morning, where the field is prepped, not for the giants, but the big jay-z and beyonce finale tonight. people say they could hear that show loud and clear from all over the city. some people enjoyed it, others, not so much. this picture was posted on twitter with the caption, i'm this far away from the ballpark and i can hear the jay-z/beyonce
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show. another says, who needs tickets? can i hear beyonce from my house. and while beyonce and jay-z are wrapping up at at&t park, the giants are on the road in milwaukee. first pitch today is 5:10. also today, center fielder angel pagone set to hop on a plane to giant the giants in milwaukee. he's expected to start in the top of the lineup tomorrow afternoon. but manager bruce bowchi says pagone could be available to come off the bench as soon as tonight. he's been recovering from back injury since early june. if you're looking for a cheap lunch, today's your day. for just 25 cents, you can get your hands on any bagel and schmear at noah's bagels nationwide. there's no catch. meaning you don't have to buy anything else. the company which first opened in berkeley said it just wanted to do something nice for its customers in owner of its own 25th birthday. just a warning, though, you
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